LinkedIn started as a network for professionals but over the years the team behind LinkedIn has added many new features. One of its most useful features has been the groups feature where professionals with similar interests can form a group and exchange their views privately.

LinkedIn also offers some great features for upgraded accounts. You can upgrade your LinkedIn account by paying a monthly subscription fee. Upgrading is good as you are offered many more tools to connect with fellow professionals.

One of the biggest advantages of an upgraded LinkedIn account is that it offers you the ability to send messages to other professionals who are not connected with you.

The number of messages is limited per month and depends on the level of your account. LinkedIn also guarantees a response within seven days for its inMail product.

Credit is not deducted from your account in case of no response.

An optimized LinkedIn profile is essential for success on this platform. Here are a few tips to optimize your profile.

Use Professional Photo for Profile

A profile photo goes a long way in conveying energy, empathy and various other skills. Therefore, it is recommended to use a professional photo on your profile.

Experts also recommend to experiment with different photos over a period of 3 to 6 months and study the impact of these photographs.

Utilize the Headline

LinkedIn gives you 120 characters for writing a headline. It is recommended to use keyword rich headline. It is important to note here that the headline also appears in the search engine results below the vanity URL. However, you should take care to not keyword stuff your headline and always keep it professional.

Use LinkedIn Summary

LinkedIn offers up to 2000 characters to create a LinkedIn summary. You should use it to craft a keyword rich summary. You may include bullet points, contact information, other social media profiles, contact information and other relevant stuff.

Using LinkedIn for generating B2B leads

One of the best ways to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn is to join various relevant groups. However, just like other social media platforms, quality is paramount here.

Instead of joining 50 different groups, you should focus on joining groups that are relevant to your business and enthusiastically participate in those groups. You should share relevant content, start discussions and be present on most days to answer questions. The goal here is to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen category.

Another way of generating leads is to engage your connections. It has been seen that many people connect with other professionals but do not communicate with them on a regular basis. You can use your status updates to ask questions to engage your contacts.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is brilliant for business 2 business needs. However, to generate leads from LinkedIn, you need to participate on LinkedIn on a daily basis. Also, a good LinkedIn profile is plays an important part in getting your leads.

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